Born in East Germany, Renate and her family fled to the West before the closing of the Iron Curtain. Her strong connection to Germany remains, but she has found a connectedness to
the Australian way of life over the past 40 years. This physical and geographical emersion finds her experiencing heightened moments of creativity; expanding her comfort zones to reach bountiful and colourful works of art that reflect her inquisitive artistic drive to find new techniques and methods to express herself.

Arriving at her own distinctive style, Renate imparts the Genius Loci in her works; rendering a condensed and minimalist response to the memory of life and all its layers. Her paintings draw from a wide spectrum of impressions including landscapes, architecture or the simple joy of a garden or the ripples of the sea: a way of portraying the essence of colour and vitality of a place.

A place where all the invisible threads meet.

“Invisible threads are the strongest ties”
Friedrich Nietzsche